• Clients receive professional services, resources and guidance from an experienced team throughout the process
  • Author retains 100% ownership and control
  • Time – Faster production/printing schedule
  • Profit – By handling your own promotion, you get a bigger share of the profit


IBJ Book Publishing specializes in helping authors achieve success. Whether you have written a novel, a historical profile or you are a business person with aspirations of creating a “book as your business card,” we’re dedicated to offering the personal guidance you need.

We have created an easy and gratifying way to turn your unpublished work into a finished book. The next step is to partner with IBJ Book Publishing and let our experienced and talented team bring your creativity and expertise to life.


Unlike traditional publishing, our authors retain 100% ownership rights to their work and they maintain complete editorial control. With a nominal investment, authors receive maximum financial benefits.

As a self-publisher, a solid marketing plan should be in place from the very beginning. IBJ Book Publishing can help you plan for success.


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